Weaves and Fashion: Namaste 2020

Every thread in Indian weaves has a story to tell, carrying with it regional tales and the flavour of the space where it was created. It can be stitched, unstitched, coloured or plain, it reflects the vibrancy of Indian culture. Combining the science of weaving with the art of dyeing, embroidery and patterns, these weaves have travelled far and wide.

Chair: Shri. Umang Hutheesing, Fashion Designer & Royal Cultural Revivalist (India) – Heritage Apparel


  • Smt. Palak Shah, CEO Ekaya (India) – Taking Benarasi to the World
  • Shri. Aditya Kitroo, MD, Jos & Fine (India) – Woollen Weaves for the World
  • Shri. Prasan Shah, Founder, Original Madras Trading Company (India & US) – From Madras to Manhattan
  • Smt. Vidhi Sanghania, Director, Vidhi (India) – Weaves and Sarees