Strokes of The Wild: Srishti Sambhram Art Exhibition

Strokes of The Wild: Srishti Sambhram Art Exhibition

The Center for Soft Power ( in collaboration with Heritage ( is organizing a 4-day wildlife festival 'Srishti Sambhrama' from 1-4th October, coinciding with wildlife week.

During this period various sessions will look at conservation success stories, how ancient traditions have helped maintain a peaceful co-existence between man and nature, art, wildlife photography and filmmaking.

Extending to these web sessions the International curated Wildlife art exhibition will commence on a virtual space. Artists for Wildlife and Nature ( is associated with Center for Soft Power and Heritage through this virtual International curated Wildlife art exhibition.

Catalogue for the exhibition: Srishti Sambhrama_Strokes of the Wild_Artists Catalogue_2020 final

Details of the programme: Srishti Sambhrama 2020 Schedule