Mark Dyczkowski plays Bhairavi for Shiva at Varanasi

Dr. Mark Dyczkowski is a scholar and author of Tantra and Kashmiri Trika Shaivism and has studied in India. Both a scholar and a practitioner, he was initiated by the great Indian teacher Swami Laksmanjoo in the year 1976.

From the eternal city of Kashi that has no aadi or anta, where Shiva is the Mahadeva, the city which rests on his Trishul, where Ganga flows north to be with Vishwanath, to such a city came a young Mark in 1970 because he wanted to be with Shiva consciousness. Today 69 years old, he plays Bhairavi for the Center for Soft Power. This came as no surprise because he is a scholar of Kashmir Shaivism and all his life he has been seeking oneness with Swachanda Bhaira.

Shiva the lord of nada and the deva of Kashi. Shiva, Bhairavi and Kashi all come together in this piece rendered by Mark Dyczkowski…

Music that becomes eternal and deeply meditative at the hands of 69 year old Mark, listening to which we feel closer to the Shiva tattva…
asmad rupa samāviṣṭaḥ svātmanātmanivāraṇe /
śivaḥ karotu nijayā namaḥ śaktyā tatātmane // (1st Verse, Śivadṛiṣṭi)
“Let Shiva, who is my nature, bow down to his real nature – to Universal Shiva – by his own Shakti, for the removal of obstacles, which are no other than Shiva.”

Videography by Avinash Gupta
Concept by Aparna Mishra

Cover picture by Manish Khattry