Global Directory of Indophiles

Global Directory of Indophiles

CSP calls for research scholars, public intellectuals and volunteers to help compile a country wise global directory of Indophiles. The list will include living persons who are deeply engaged with India, be it academics, artists, authors, cultural entrepreneurs, collectors, practitioners, consumers etc.

Indian civilizational thought from Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation in the 20th century, to the movement of tangy spices and vivid textiles two centuries ago, has influenced Western philosophy, science, arts, literature, craft etc and the world view of millions of people around the world.

Perceptions of India as an exotic land, replete with wonderful natural resources, to a land that is the home of timeless mind-body practices shifted her influence from merely being an attractive counter culture, to becoming a go-to civilisation for timeless wisdom. Closer home, India’s Vedic culture can be seen all around her in the ASEAN belt. From the temples in Cambodia, to the practice of Vaastu in various forms, to the use of Sanskrit, the reverence for Indian deities and itihasas, the list is endless.

In order to capture this continued influence amongst non-Indians around the world, CSP has embarked upon the project to compile a Global Directory of Indophiles.

Through this exercise, perhaps being carried out for the first time, CSP seeks to establish an ongoing and deeper engagement with Indophiles. Their role in taking forward the tradition, with authenticity and integrity and without distortion or prejudice is invaluable.

A Soft Power festival of and for Indophiles is also being planned in the latter half of 2020 to celebrate our civilisation thought and heritage and its global impact.

We request you to write to us at with a proposal for compilation of such a list in your country. Suitable compensation will be arrived at, after discussing with the proposer depending upon on the scale and scope of the proposal.

We also welcome one off recommendations and suggestions from the general public.