CSP at Soft Power Exhibition at SFO Museum of Modern Art

CSP at Soft Power Exhibition at SFO Museum of Modern Art

Hari Kiran, Founder Indic Academy and its various initiatives, including Center for Soft Power, visited the exhibition SOFT POWER, at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in the last week of December.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is a modern art museum located in San Francisco, California. A nonprofit organization, SFMOMA holds an internationally recognized collection of modern and contemporary art, and was the first museum on the West Coast devoted solely to 20th-century art. The museum's current collection includes over 33,000 works of painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, design, and media arts.

The exhibition SOFT POWER, says the museum, is about the ways in which artists deploy art to explore their roles as citizens and social actors. The title contemplates the potential of art and offers a provocation to the public to exert their own influence on the world.

Nikhil Chopra

Presented on two floors of the museum, the exhibition features 58 new commissions and recent works by twenty international artists from 12 countries. Indian Artist Nikhil Chopra features in the exhibition. Taking art to new frontiers Nikhil carried with him a large tent that shared as a shelter, meeting place and canvas as he travelled from Greece to Germany, drawing on the tent walls. Stopping in eight locations along the way, Chopra pitched a tent and drew “what I see with my eyes closed and open” on its walls.

"The potential of art is ever-expanding. It is not a static idea. [It] is the potential of the human mind, which is really the potential of the universe... within us.. is contained the entire cosmos. So, the potential of art is limitless," says Chopra.

Taken together, the works in SOFT POWER demonstrate what cultural theorist and filmmaker Manthia Diawara has called a solidarity between intuitions — a concept that acknowledges the complexity, darkness, and opacity from which our reality emerges — that expresses the poetry and imagination of our differences.

India's soft power in the field of art is immense and Hari Kiran says, "It is time to curate an art exhibition reflecting the impact of Indian Soft Power."