Bhavayami Raghuraamam Shines in Dance of the Ramayana

The Center for Soft Power in collaboration with Raadhakalpa Dance Company is happy to announce the results to Apoorva Parva’s “Dance of the Ramayana” contest. We thank Bharatanatyam dancer and founder, Raadhakalpa Dance Company, Smt Rukmini Vijayakumar for judging the competition. 

The winner of the contest is Ms Janki DV. Congratulations! Janki choreographed the performance based on the composition “Bhavayami Raghuraamam”. She narrates the story of Rama being sent away to the forest on Kaikeyi’s demand to Dasharatha. Janki DV 

The judge made a special mention of Ms Gaanika Kiran H, our youngest contestant.  Congratulations! Gaanika’s choreography was based on the composition “RaRa Rajivalochana Rama”. She narrates the story of Rama protecting the Yagna by killing Tataka and Subahu along with Ahalya Moksha and Seetha swayamvara.  Gaanika Kiran 

Congratulations and thank you to all who took part in the contest!