Apoorva Parva Contest: Soundscape in the Ramayana

Apoorva Parva Contest: Soundscape in the Ramayana

Shri Valmiki says the Ramayana is well suited to musical rendering in melodious (madhuram) tunes (Jatis) having all the seven notes (Svaras) in three registers (Vilambita, Madhyama and Drita) with proper rhythm (laya) to the accompaniment of string instruments.

The Center for Soft Power (www.softpowermag.com) in collaboration with Heritage Trust and Udupa Foundation invites instrumentalists from across the world to participate in a musical celebration of the Ramayana.

Inviting instrumentalists to send short videos depicting the Soundscapes of the Ramayana.

- The video can be anywhere from 4 - 7 minutes long. (shorter or longer videos maybe submitted, but it will be the judges discretion whether to consider them or not)

- Video must be submitted by uploading to YouTube and posting a private link in the Google form below.


Submission MUST BE in this format Soundscapes in the Ramayana_Participant Name. Example: Soundscapes in the Ramayana_SoftPower

Submit your videos using the following google link: https://forms.gle/NSjBdZASiZ7Dzyhq9

Deadline:  May 21st, Sita Navamai.

Categories: Below 18 years and Above 18 years

The videos will be judged by three eminent musicians under the aegis of the Udupa Foundation.

Prizes (in each category):

First Prize: Rs 10,000

Second Prize: Rs 7,500