Apoorva Parva  Contest: Unravelling the Ramayana Route

Apoorva Parva  Contest: Unravelling the Ramayana Route

Apoorva Parva: Unravelling the Ramayana Route

About the Competition

From the holy town of Ayodhya, situated on the banks of Sarayu, to the island kingdom of Lanka, Sri Rama traversed across the length of Bharat. The Chitrakoot forests near Nashik, Kishkindha hills in Hampi or the Jatayu Park in Kerala, are some of the places associated with Ramayana. All such destinations, immersed in history and beauty, have a story to tell.

Can you be the story-teller, bringing together history and tourism? Can you recreate the Ramayana Trail?

The Center for Soft Power, in collaboration with the Royal Family of Anegundi, Roobaroo Walks and Heritage Trusts, invites students, travel entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to participate in the contest – Unravelling the Ramayana Route tracing the journey of Sri Rama from Ayodhya to Lanka.

Submit your short stories and stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes. The winning submission will be featured in the Center for Soft Power Magazine. Winners also get a chance to intern at Roobaroo Walks.

Entry to the contest is FREE!


  • Age: 18 years onwards
  • Nationality: Both Indian and international applications will be accepted. However, the winners will receive the cash prize, only if they have an Indian bank account. 

Prize per category

  • First Prize Rs 10,000 
  • Second Prize Rs 7,500  

Submission Guidelines

  • Prepare a word essay (500-1000 words) or a PowerPoint presentation (12 slides maximum) that includes
    1. Brief about your chosen destination’s mention in Ramayana
    2. The reason why you think this destination is important to develop for tourist?
    3. How do you think it can become a Ramayana-centered tourism destination.
  • All submissions MUST BE in ENGLISH
  • Use of PHOTOS/VIDEOS is highly encouraged. 
  • While recreating the route or a destination, the original pilgrim places must be retained as they are now.
  • ALL entries must come from Google Form


Submit your essays using the following google link: https://forms.gle/NSjBdZASiZ7Dzyhq9

Submission MUST BE in this format Unravelling the Ramayana Route_Participant Name. Example: Unravelling the Ramayana Route_SoftPower

Last Date of Submission: 21st May, 2021

For any queries, write to us at namaste@centerforsoftpower.org

Authors Agreement

By submitting the short story, you accept that CSP and the Heritage Trust have the right to publish your submissions with your prior permission, on their online platform as part of the festival, even if you are not one of the winners.

If you win either the first or the second prize, you automatically grant permission to CSP and Heritage trust to upload the story with due credits on their online magazine (softpowermag.com)

All decisions are final and will be at the discretion of the Judges and organisers.